Charming beachside town with an artsy, eclectic vibe.

Welcome to Encinitas

Charming beachside town with an artsy, eclectic vibe.
Homebuyers who desire life in a charming and beautiful beach city should be sure to explore all that Encinitas has to offer. This area is located a mere 25 miles north of San Diego. Surfers, creatives, and those who seek a more laid-back pace of life will feel right at home in one of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.
In addition to featuring some of the region’s best surf and beach culture, the San Diego Botanic Garden is located in Encinitas. Residents also get to enjoy living near many highly-rated public schools, convenient shopping, unparalleled dining, well-maintained parks, and the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course.
As a highly desirable locale, those who are relocating to the area can expect to pay a premium price for homes. Currently, the average list price in Encinitas for a single family home is $3.4 million. However, along with the higher price tag comes outstanding amenities that are not available elsewhere.

What to Love

  • Charming beach town with an artsy vibe
  • Great local attractions, shopping, and dining
  • Highly-ranked public schools

People & Lifestyle

Encinitas has distinct neighborhoods that each give off a unique feel. Directly on the coast, you’ll easily catch the creative, artistic vibe that flows throughout the area. The people, architecture, and beach views all contribute to the easygoing, never hurried pace of life. At Encinitas Beach County Park, the views and overall atmosphere feel like quintessential Southern California beach culture.
Away from the ocean, neighborhoods feel much more suburban. There is an abundance of national retailers and restaurants. Inland is also where you’ll find the bulk of the area’s schools, parks, and attractions. These areas are community-focused and retain the charm inherent to Encinitas.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

When it comes to your shopping and dining needs, Encinitas is all-encompassing. Everything that you need on a day-to-day basis is located right in town.
Along El Camino Real, you will find the bulk of the city’s top stores. Minutes from home, you can stop at places such as Michaels, HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx, Kohl’s, Walgreens, Sprouts Farmers Market, Trader Joe’s, Ralphs, Target, and The Home Depot. Throughout the area, you can also find many wonderful local stores, including Franco Flowers, Leucadia Farmers Market, and Lou’s Records.
Foodies love the numerous dining options around Encinitas. From fresh seafood to international flavors, there are plenty of restaurants to try. Some top resident favorites include CHIKO, The Bier Garden of Encinitas, East Village Asian Diner, The Roxy Encinitas, Modern Times Far West Lounge, and Swami’s Cafe Encinitas 101.

Things to Do

In Encinitas, there is a wide range of things you can do and see. From days at the beach to educational sightseeing, locals get to enjoy a wide range of activities.
Want to spend some time at the Pacific Ocean? If so, there are multiple places in Encinitas that you can opt to go. At the northern end of the city, Grandview Surf Beach is a must-visit for surfing enthusiasts. Further down the coast, be sure to check out Leucadia State Beach and Encinitas Beach County Park.
Traveling inland, there are even more fun places to explore. At the San Diego Botanic Garden, wander through the gorgeous plant life, learn about horticulture, and hear more about the conservation efforts of this garden. Also, check out other local favorites such as the San Dieguito Heritage Museum, the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course, and one of the area’s many parks.


Encinitas is home to several excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:

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